Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Latino dropouts Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Latino dropouts - Essay Example In 2000, about 530,000 Hispanic 16- 19 year olds were classified as dropouts, a percentage of 21.1. However, many of these were recently arrived immigrants who had not been in the US education system. So the actual figure for drop out of the US schools is about 15%. In 2000 the Latino dropout rate was three times greater than for non-Hispanic whites. The percentage of Latinos completing higher education has also consistently lagged behind whites and African Americans. It is also important to consider that the rate of dropouts could change at any time since some students presently enrolled in high schools can drop out at any time, and some drop outs could obtain their GED at any time in the future. Several factors have been suggested to explain the high rate of dropouts. The major factor has been the language, but Adam (2003)2 describes how researcher Saenz breaks down the factors into â€Å"individual factors, family-related factors and the structural level†. The individual factors have to do with the student’s own academic expectations and performance, peer pressure, generational status and acculturation. But one big effect comes from lifestyle where they are forced to become adults too early in life either through early pregnancy or having to help with looking after younger siblings. The strongest family factor seems to be the socioeconomic status of the family since having the resources to navigate the system makes a difference to the success of the students. The economic context in which the students and the school reside can place a strain on the family to keep up. Also the connection between the family, school and culture is important. The language plays a big part in this connection. Other school practices such as tracking, grade retention and unequal treatment of minority students all are common causes of dropout. Jones and Bou-Waked (2007)3 add to the discussion of the part that language plays in the dropout crisis. They noted that about

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