Thursday, February 27, 2020

Carbon Steel 1040 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Carbon Steel 1040 - Essay Example The delivery times taken by the mills ranges between 10 and 50 weeks after the placement of order depending upon the form and size of steel required. Carbon Steels 1040 is primarily stocked by 12 distributors in Bar Products, though it is also, to some extent, available in tubular products, wire products, fasteners, forging products, and flat rolled products. The principle design feature of Carbon Steels 1040 includes its higher carbon content i.e. 0.4 per cent that lends it more strength as compared to the lower alloys of carbon (â€Å"Carbon Steels 1040†). Carbon Steels 1040 are given heat treatment to make them hard. They are quenched and tempered so that a tensile strength from 150 ksi to 250 ksi can be developed in them (â€Å"Carbon Steels 1040†). It has good machinability since it is rated at 60 per cent machinability given by the 1112 alloy that is employed as 100 per cent rated steel for machining (â€Å"Carbon Steels 1040†). Carbon Steels 1040 forming gets quickly accomplished in the annealed condition. It can be welded using any method of welding. However, its higher content of carbon imparts the need to use pre-heat and post-heat practice at 300 to 500 F and 1100 to 1200 F respectively according to a verified procedure of welding. Carbon Steels 1040 show good response to the hardening at 1550 to 1650 F achieved by heat treatment when the heating is followed by water quench as well as tempering (â€Å"Carbon Steels 1040†). This helps attain the desired level of strength in the steel. One problem with Carbon Steels 1040 is that the higher carbon content makes it very brittle and hard. Increased carbon affects the temperature where the forming of martensite commences (see fig.1.). At lower temperature, steel is less plastic and not very capable of accommodating the changes in volume linked with the changing to martensite. Increased brittleness in the steel subjects it to cracking and distortion. However, increased concentration on the materials that

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